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RC5 VODCAST_Easy_Wood_Tools_Parting_Tool

W Bauer
over 3 years agoSeptember 13, 2015
 am the owner of ur Pi1 and several other E W Tools. Recently while using the Pil the cutterblade came out of the tool.,and flew across the shop not before creasing my head.  What holds the cutter head on the tool? Needless to say I need the  necessary parts to put it back together again. Please advise what i need and how do I get them. Thanks
almost 3 years agoMay 1, 2016
I would suggest buynig them in summer..not to wear, coz it would look ridiculous, in the summer th821#ey&7;re on sale and I’m sure you could find the right style anytime of the season at the right place or even online
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